Cable Products

Cable is your source for comprehensive, fully integrated insurance solutions custom-tailored to the needs of your for-hire transportation business. All our insurance solutions are designed by transportation leaders that are experts in their field. We understand what it takes to deliver customized, full-service solutions to all your for-hire insurance needs because we’ve been leading the charge.


As your for-hire insurance solutions partner, Cable has the expertise required to design every insurance plan to meet the requirements of Florida’s Financial Responsibility Law while ensuring you can save money.

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We have claims professionals specializing in the for-hire transportation claims industry for over 40 years. We work closely with every client to ensure every adjustment is made to the highest standards of accuracy and precision.

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We have an expansive network of fully licensed insurance agencies that offer Cable products directly to your for-hire transportation business. So, no matter the size of your fleet or the intricacies of your insurance needs, we can curate every plan to surpass your needs and save you money.

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Experience That Makes the Difference

With its 60 years of for-hire transportation operating experience in Florida, and 50 claims experience, Cable is a pioneer in the for-hire insurance industry. We've been where you are before and helped redefine what it means to create insurance for your for-hire transportation business.

Cable Management was currently responsible for dispatching and operating over 1000 taxicabs, airport shuttles, sedan services, and NEMT vehicles in Florida. We have the experience that makes the difference in the growth of your for-hire transportation business.

Why Cable?

When it comes to running your ground transportation business, the most expensive aspect is often the insurance premiums that you must pay. No matter how experienced your drivers are, you must ensure every vehicle has the proper coverage for the road. At Cable we offer Florida's for-hire transportation industry a fully integrated insurance solution through an admitted insurance carrier, Cable Insurance Company, a general agent, Cable Underwriters, Inc., and a claims administrator, Cable Insurance Adjusters, Inc. Our team works closely with you to understand your insurance needs, identify areas where we can streamline your insurance solutions, and design comprehensive, custom-tailored insurance services to fit your needs and save you money.

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