About Us

Cable Insurance Company is a Florida licensed and admitted insurance carrier that provides an effective product to meet the requirements of our state's financial responsibility law and those we protect. We're committed to delivering unparalleled solutions designed to exceed your expectations and provide your entire fleet with the protection it deserves.

Cable's Management team members are not insurance salesmen. Our team has real-world experience successfully operating for-hire transportation companies throughout the State of Florida. Success in these challenging times in the industry, in part, is a result of Management's risk assessment, risk management, and claims handling expertise. Cable has been formed for the specific purpose of sharing this winning formula with the ground transportation industry.


Budget Friendly Solutions you can trust

We work closely with every client to design and develop a fully integrated insurance solution that meets your needs while ensuring you can save money. All that money saved is more investments you can make into growing your fleet and your business.

Experienced Team

With its 60 years of for-hire transportation operating experience in Florida, and 50 claims experience, Cable Holdings is a pioneer in the for-hire insurance industry. We've been where you are before and helped redefine what it means to create insurance for your for-hire transportation business.

Cable Insurance Adjusters is a team of professionals with 40 years of experience in for-hire transportation claims. We understand that our job as the insured's advocate means working closely with clients and collaborating on the best outcomes possible while educating you about what we can do to help make this process easier.